1. Corporate matters in general, with scope of works of establishment of domestic and foreign companies in connection with the foreign or domestic investment regulations such as establishment of representative offices, technical assistance, franchising and distribution arrangements, restructuring of companies, sales and purchase of shares, change of management, merger and acquisition and liquidation.
  1. Commercial Litigation in general with scope of works present and advise clients in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes before the indonesian courts, including contractual disputes, share holders disputes, general commercial litigation and bankruptcy and insolvency proceeding.
  1. Capital Market in general with scope of works to advise and preparation legal documentation for initial public offering or right issue, legal audit or limited due diligent regarding with the standard operational and procedure and settlement on secondary market dispute.
  1. Competition Law, in general with scope of works to advise and stay up to date the company on the lates developments on competition law issues particularly in relation to merger control and tender collusion.
  1. Banking and Finance in general with scope of works preparing loan agreement and the securities documents, settlement on dispute resolution, investigation on debt restructuring including on the issuing debt instrument.
  1. Labor in general, with scope of works of preparing company regulations, company manual book, confidentiality agreement, labor licensing, termination including collective termination and dispute on labor. In addition GM also assists its client in obtaining work permits, visas, residency permits (KITAS, KITAP, Exit permit only and exit re-entry permit) and related government approvals;
  1. Bankruptcy and Reorganization, in general with scope of filling petition to the commercial court as well as filling for reorganization plan or reconciliation (including drafting and reviewing plan proposal.
  1. Intellectual Property Right, in general with scope of work arrange for registration patent, trade mark, Copy right, industrial design including for the prolongation such certificate to Dirjen Haki.

GM is qualified as receiver and administrator on the commercial court [Bankruptcy Court], admitted in bar and has a license to practice capital market transactions in Indonesia, In addition the founding partners of GM is also listed as a member of Indonesian – German Chamber of Commerce (Ekonid); Indonesia Australia Business Council .


Merger Acquisition
Antitrust & Competition
Business Restructuring & Reorganization
Capital Market
Government Regulation