Dr. Rizal S. Gueci, S.H., MIC – Partner

University of  Indonesia, Jakarta.  Obtain Master Degree in Law  MIC (Magister Iuris Comparative) from  the Friedrich Wilhelm Universitaet in Bonn Germany, and holds a PhD from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet in Frankfurt am Main Germany ( with cum laude recognition).

Registered in Peradi (Indonesian Advocates Association) as Advocate

Languages : Indonesian, English, Germany and Dutch

Dr.Edward Manik, S.H., LL.M – Partner

Christian University of Indonesia, and faculty of English literary University of Indonesia, LL.M (Master of Law) from  Ruprecht Karl Universitaet of Heidelberg Germany (with magna cum laude recognition), and holds a PhD from faculty of law Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta,  (cum laude recognition)

Head of Supervision and Recommendation of foreign Advocates (Indonesian Advocates Association/Peradi).

Registered in Peradi (Indonesian Advocates Association) as Advocate

Registered in AKHI ( Indonesian Legal Consutants Association) As Legal Counsel

Registered in HKHPM (Association of Capital Market Legal Counsel)

Registered in Bapepam-LK (Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Board) as Capital Market legal Counsel.

Registered in AKPI ( Association of Indonesian Administator and Receiver) As Administrator and Receiver (Kurator & Pengurus Kepailitan).

Languages : Indonesian, English and Germany

E mail : edward@gm-lawyer.com