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The advantage of GM lawyers and others law firm is that GM lawyers is led by two partner who have long standing experience. Dr. Rizal Gueci SH.,MiC has been working as litigation lawyers for more than 30 years and also had been working with freshfield in Singapore for some time, while Dr. Edward Manik, S.H.,LL.M [… ReadMore!]

Gueci Manik lawyer or abbreviated GM Lawyer is a law firm which specializes in litigation, Act on behalf the client and represent the client before the court, or any other institution. We assist client in resolving legal dispute faced by them while doing their business in Indonesia, particularly in corporate and commercial dispute. Many of [… ReadMore!]

Litigation  can be defined when a case become a dispute at law and should be settled through the court proceeding.  Litigation’s lawyers are lawyers who represent their client at the court in connection with the dispute matters between their client and other person or institution. Corporate and Commercial  Litigations, is corporate and commercial dispute between [… ReadMore!]