Gueci & Manik Lawyers (“GM”) was founded in 2003 as a partnership of advocate and legal consultant. Two committed lawyers who graduated with distinction from Frankfurt University and Heidelberg University in Germany and also having long standing working experience with prominent law firms in Jakarta and Singapore aim to establish a law firm which has professionalism as their main vision. With more than fifteen years of local experience, GM have built excellent and long standing working relationships with Indonesian government agencies, many prominent law firms, regulators and key industry players and bring the benefit of those relationships to the client. This is a value proposition that makes GM different from the others.

In rendering their legal services, GM continuously develop the lawyer’s legal skill and industry knowledge with regular training and development program. GM aims to establish and build a solid and continuing relationship with each of its clients, to understand their particular business needs as well as to provide clients with great quality and real value of services through  the efficient and timely delivery of service and advise in manner which helps clients to achieve their objectives.

The firm is principally engaged in the provision of legal services to the domestic and foreign company specializes in handling of corporate and commercial dispute resolution, however GM also advice clients in the field of capital markets, competition, and  financial legal matters, and any other aspect of Indonesian laws and regulations.