Gueci Manik lawyer or abbreviated GM Lawyer is a law firm which specializes in litigation, Act on behalf the client and represent the client before the court, or any other institution.

We assist client in resolving legal dispute faced by them while doing their business in Indonesia, particularly in corporate and commercial dispute. Many of them while doing their business never considered and anticipated potential conflict that would arise in the future.

With regard to the loan transactions for example, GM lawyers will provide legal remedies either by through civil claim through civil court procedure (Gugatan Perdata)  or through Bankruptcy (Kepailitan).

Legal remedies through petition for Bankruptcy can be considered not only to save the time but also to accelerate the return of the asset (budel pailit). Prior to file Bankruptcy GM Lawyer certainly would observe whether the asset owned by the debtor adequate with their obligations or whether this bankruptcy petition will harm the client in obtaining a debt repayment.

In the event that GM lawyers found that filling Bankruptcy it is not effective then GM Lawyer will propose any other alternative to the client such as propose for debt settlement review (PKPU) or accord (Perdamaian), depend on the condition of the debtor it self.

GM lawyer also assist client in taking legal remedies through Arbitration if indeed the agreement made between the client and other party’s provide arbitration clause or in their “ pactum compromitendo”  (agreement after dispute has occurred)  they agree to settle through arbitration institution.

GM Lawyer also advice client to execute the international arbitration award in Indonesia through Central District Court Jakarta including submitting the petition for execution [Permohonan Penetapan Eksekuatur] up to the execution of the asset.

In relation to the civil court, GM Lawyer also assist client with respect to the corporate matters such as the issue of in the absence of Quorum of General Meeting of Shareholder of the company (RUPSLB), or problem example with regard to the petition to increase paid up capital of the company which was refused by any other shareholders. so it should be filed through court petition.

GM lawyers also assist client in relation the prevent client interest with regard to the corporate action conduct by any other shareholder such as hostile take over or dilution of minority shareholders interest.

Beside above matters, GM lawyer also assist the client in state administration court with regard to the decision of state administration official which is deemed unlawfully and violates the applicable laws and regulations.