The advantage of GM lawyers and others law firm is that GM lawyers is led by two partner who have long standing experience. Dr. Rizal Gueci SH.,MiC has been working as litigation lawyers for more than 30 years and also had been working with freshfield in Singapore for some time, while Dr. Edward Manik, S.H.,LL.M has been working as litigation’s lawyer for more than 20 years.

Partners of GM lawyers have handled various company either national companies or multinational company before the court or through out of court settlement. In fact Dr.Rizal Gueci had been appointed as chairman of the Banks liquidation several years ago.

In the field of constitution. Dr Rizal has been appointed as a head or researcher at the constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi) and he has deep knowledge in the field constitutional Court, While Dr. Edward has long standing working experience in the field Capital Market and have long standing experience in handling dispute in the capital market field, such as dispute on the case of margin trading, cornering, short selling and insider trading.

In addition to the long standing experience, GM Lawyer also have been working with law firm in Germany. (Rechsanwalt/Anwaltskanzlei), both of the partners graduated from Germany and speak also German language very well. GM Lawyer has supported Rechsanwalt in Germany in seeking their debtor asset in Indonesia.

Given that GM Lawyers that not a big firm, so GM lawyers may have a focus and full attention to the client they are handled and may give advice or solution in short time, so that the case they handled was not protracted.

For GM Lawyer have been working as litigations lawyer for quite a long time GM lawyer have a good relationship with government institution, state officer as well as many prominent law firm, so in handling dispute GM Lawyer may talk to others party with friendly way and take this advantage to get amicable settlement for the benefit of the client.

Beside above mentioned advantages, GM Lawyer also have deep experience with many business industries and learn many others knowledge from that. In fact one of the partner Dr. Edward Manik, has been working together with prominent tax consultant such as PWC tax consultant and Earns & Young Consultant.