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Corporate matters in general, with scope of works of establishment of domestic and foreign companies in connection with the foreign or domestic investment regulations such as establishment of representative offices, technical assistance, franchising and distribution arrangements

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Commercial Litigation in general with scope of works present and advise clients in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes before the indonesian courts, including contractual disputes, share holders disputes, general commercial litigation and bankruptcy and insolvency proceeding.

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Capital Market in general with scope of works to advise and preparation legal documentation for initial public offering or right issue, legal audit or limited due diligent regarding with the standard operational and procedure and settlement on secondary market dispute.

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Merger Acquisition

The M&A Practice is multidisciplinary. The practice addresses all kinds of M&A deals from private sales of shares and assets to takeovers, joint ventures, take private deals, and distressed M&A. Lawyers in the practice work closely with colleagues in tax, environmental, competition, pensions, employment, real estate, and intellectual property.

Examples of previous transactions include:

  • Bank Artha Graha (previously Bank Artha Pusara) - Advising the Investment on  the Acquisitions on Asset  of Bank Artha Graha including conducting the settlement of the previous indebtedness.
  • HH Utama - Advising H H.Utama on the US$ 15.500.000.00 (USD Fifteen million sale of its mining company to local Company).
  • Ridlatama Tambang Mineral-Advising one of the Share holder of Ridlatama Tambang Mineral on the Sale its share in this company to the foreign investor in amount of US$.35.000.000,-

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Dr. Rizal S. Gueci, S.H., MIC – Partner

Dr.Edward Manik, S.H., LL.M – Partner

Litigation can be defined when a case become a dispute at law and should be settled through the court proceeding. Litigation’s lawyers are lawyers who represent their client at the court in connection with the dispute matters between their client and other person or institution.

Corporate and Commercial Litigations, is corporate and commercial dispute between two companies or more which should be settled through the court. Gueci & Manik Lawyers are lawyer who have an expertise in Corporate and Commercial Litigations, In doing client’s assignment Gueci & Manik are always working hand in hand with the client and seek the alternative solution for the client’s benefit. Partner of Gueci & Manik lawyers had been working with prominent lawyers in Jakarta and involve in many complexity cases.

Partner of Gueci & Manik Lawyers have long standing working experience on solving legal matters either before the court in Jakarta or other province (litgation) and also out side the court non litigation. Mr. Rizal Gueci had been working as lawyers for more than thirty years, while Mr. Manik had been working for more than twenty years. Notwithstanding Gueci & Manik, have an expertise in Corporate and Commercial Litigations, yet they are also having deep knowledge in the client’s industry, so they also have knowledge and may see any potential risk from commercial point of view, this make them more alert in any others potential matters.


Gueci & Manik Lawyers have involved in many cases among others are represent PT. Tirtamas Maju Tama, holding company of PT. Semen Cibinong at the Commercial Court (Pengadilan Niaga), PT. Sharp Yasonta Kabin, Gema Gedung Anugerah, Bukaka Tehnik Utama,etc. Gueci & Manik Lawyers: Jl.Rawa Kepa Ujung No.8 Tomang. Jakarta Barat 11440. Phone: 021-566 4628, Fax: 021-566 0628, Email: office@gm-lawyer.com